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☆★ S.Cameron ★☆                2011 California  Del Mar                   ≪カスタムモデル≫


★☆  2011California  Del Mar  ☆★




琥珀色に輝く 2011 Califoniaシリーズ Del Mar をベースに
ソールに20gのウェイトを搭載した ヘビーウェイトモデル

そして、グリップには ミッドサイズの Dancing Scotty Cameron Baby T Grip - Red  を装着した カスタム&オリジナリティーあふれるパターです。

Introduced in the Fall of 2009, the Scotty Cameron California family of putters replaced the Circa '62 family. A classic of uncompromising elegance. Gazing down on the Monterey with its golden, honey-dipped hue, the plumbing neck setup offering the perfect amount of offset, the French vanilla sight line guiding the way, you can’t help but smile. You’ve been waiting for Scotty to create this instant classic. Although at first glance its shape may seem familiar—Scotty designed it that way—upon further investigation you’ll notice subtle nuances of constant design evolution. It’s like your favorite touring sedan just got 100 more horsepower—even more of what you already love. The Monterey’s easy familiarity, charismatic good looks and proven performance make this a classic go-to gamer you can put in your bag right away. Right on track. 



===<< SOLD OUT >>===

 << 現品のみ >> 

【 長  さ 】    34 インチ

【 バランス 】    D 5.5

【 総重量 】    546g 

【 価  格 】       ¥ 48,300   (税込)