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= PUMA =          Cell Fusion Golf Shoes 

= PUMA =   

Cell Fusion  Golf Shoes          <US model>

007 ジェームスボンド が愛したシューズ

If James Bond played golf, he'd wear this shoe. It's loaded with cool features like replaceable Smart Quill® spikes, which have what we call directional locking technology. How does this help you? You'll have traction where you need it most throughout your swing. Take that, bad guys.

国内未発売のカラー white-puma silver-black  をメインに


*****  << SOLD OUT >> ありがとうございました。 *****

国内未発売のカラー white-puma silver-black のみの 販売とさせて頂きます。


【 価  格 】   ¥ 21,000 (税込)