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= US MIZUNO =                  AEROLITE  X  Stand Bag


AEROLITE  X  Stand Bag

2011 PGA マーチャンダイズショーでも 展示されてた色・デザインに優れたミズノスタンドバッグ

また、ツアーバッグしか持っていなくて、コースにはいいが、練習場に持っていくのに大変と思ってる人には 超お薦めのアイテムです。

Mizuno introduces the New AeroLite [X] Series of bags – A limited production run of graphic printed AeroLite bags, aimed at the younger, more fashion conscious player looking to stand out in the crowd.

1. Mizuno Kabuki Organizer Top Cuff - Patented organizer top cuff with ‘Divide and Slide Technology’that uses the natural weight of the heads to separate clubs for easy and quick access during play.
2. Mizuno AeroStrap - Lightweight, pre-curved dual shoulder harness with triple padding for enhanced carry comfort.
3. Mizuno Cable Grip - Lightweight, flexible handle with soft touch tubing.
4. Mizuno AirFlow Hippad・- Mizuno Airmesh HipPad that allows free flow of air, providing a comfortable carry with reduced perspiration build-up.
5. Mizuno Shower Cap - Lightweight, waterproof rainhood that offers smaller pocket storage space

***** おかげさまで、完売致しました。ありがとうございます。 ****

【  TOP  】     8.5”,  7-Way Mizuno Kabuki Divider

【 DIMENSION  】  34.5” (H) X 8.5” (W) 、  weight 4 lbs

== Digargyle  (#0010)  ==

【 価 格 】   ¥ 18,900 (税込)