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S.キャメロン ★ 2010 Team Europe Headcover

***** ≪激レア!!≫ ★ S.キャメロン *****

☆★ 2010 Team Europe Headcover ★☆


<2010 Team Europe>
J.A.T. When Just a Thought becomes something tangible is when things get interesting. Over a cup of coffee, thinking about golf's grand international team competition, Scotty had a thought. Europe's the host with Wales as the country venue. How about a Welsh dragon defending the Flag of Europe? Pen to paper, thread to headcover and voila! Scotty created the 2010 Team Europe headcover. 1,005 were offered to Club Cameron Members on September 29, 2010.

=== ※セットではありません。それぞれ単品での販売となります。===

※相変わらず、数量に制限がある為 お早目のご連絡をお願いいたします。(また、ご予約のオーダーも承ります。)

【 価格 】  ¥21,000 (税込)