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S.キャメロン ★ 2010 Team USA Headcover

***** ≪激レア!!≫ ★ S.キャメロン *****

☆★ 2010 Team USA  Headcover ★☆


<2010 Team USA>
This week's tournament isn't about picking your favorite guy to win. It's about supporting the entire team. A rarity in golf fan-dom. All for one and one for all. With thoughts toward national and international icons and conversations about the battle at hand, Scotty got to thinking. Eagles and dragons. Clubs and swords. Flags and hills. Epic stuff. From thoughts to sketches, colors to threads, Scotty made one for each US team member as a token of his appreciation. 1,005 of these were offered to Club Cameron Members on September 29, 2010.

=== ※セットではありません。それぞれ単品での販売となります。===

※相変わらず、数量に制限がある為 お早目のご連絡をお願いいたします。(また、ご予約のオーダーも承ります。)

【 価  格 】    ¥21,000 (税込)