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《NEW》Tour B330-RX ★ US Bridgestone =プロ使用球=

**** US Bridgestone  ****

 Tour B330-RX   プロ使用球 

<Tour B330-RX Technology>

The First Tour Performance Series Designed for Amateur Swing Speeds.

Tour B330-RX now Softer and Longer: Tour Distance, Precision Control, Soft Multilayer Urethane.

Optimized for AMATEUR AVERAGE < 105 MPH Swing Speeds
SOFTER Gradational Compression Core for longer and straighter distance
Reengineered Mantle layer for higher repulsion and workability
SOFT Urethane Cover for pinpoint accuracy and Tour caliber control

=== 国内未発売モデル ===

【コンプレッション】 85

【 カバー 】  ウレタンカバー

【 価 格 】       1ダース  ¥ 5,880 (税込)   
                     <※ 1スリーブ: ¥ 1,470 (税込)>