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《NEW》Tour B330-RXS ★ US Bridgestone =プロ使用球=

**** US Bridgestone ****

Tour B330-RXS   =プロ使用球= 

<Tour B330-RXS Technology>

The First Tour Performance Series Designed for Amateur Swing Speeds.

Tour B330-RXS for Extra Spin Control: Added Control and Feel, Tour Distance, Soft Multilayer Urethane

Optimized for AMATEUR AVERAGE < 105 MPH Swing Speeds
Very SOFT Urethane Cover for players seeking extra greenside spin control
Large & SOFT Gradational Compression Core with a soft feel and added forgiveness
Mantle layer for high repulsion and workability

=== 国内未発売モデル ===

【コンプレッション】 75

【 カバー 】  ウレタンカバー

【 価 格 】      1ダース  ¥ 5,880 (税込)  
                       <※ 1スリーブ: ¥ 1,470 (税込)>