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SC ★ 2010 Cinco de Mayo 《Junk Yard Dog》:UT HC

**** SottyCameron ★ 2010 Cinco de Mayo 《Junk Yard Dog》:Utility HeadCover ****

In the spirit of this festive holiday, Scotty made the most unique headcovers to date. Using authentic Mexican blankets, these vibrant headcovers were each one-of-a-kind. Notice the different color patterns in the fabric as our energetic Junk Yard Dog agrees it's time for a fiesta! 1,000 putter headcovers and 200 driver, fairway and utility headcovers were released to Club Cameron Members in the Studio Store on May 5, 2010.


***** おかげさまで、完売致しました。ありがとうございます。 *****

※相変わらず、数量に制限がある為 ご購入希望の方は、お早目のご連絡をお願いいたします。

【価 格】 ¥14,700 (税込)