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◆ TaylorMade ◆                   TMX STAFF BAG (9.5”)              ≪USモデル≫

**** ◆ TaylorMade ◆ ****

TMX STAFF BAG (9.5”) ≪USモデル≫ 

The pinnacle of the Tour Collection, the TMX Staff Bag is the highly coveted retail version of the TaylorMade Staff bags played on Tours worldwide. With all of the heft, bold styling and strong branding enjoyed by Garcia, Goosen, Creamer, Faldo and others, the TMX Staff also has convenience features available only to consumers.

**** おかげさまで、≪ SOLD OUT ≫致しました。ありがとうございます。 ****

・ 口径: 9.5インチ (6分割)

【 価 格 】 ¥ 44,100 (税込)