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BETTINARDI ★☆ Studio Stock 4 ≪custom builtモデル≫

**** BETTINARDI ★☆ Studio Stock 4 ≪custom builtモデル≫ ****

Our Studio Line was created to fill the need for the discriminate putter enthusiast. Each putter is engineered for ultimate performance on the greens. The line consists of seven models which cover the classic shapes preferred by the best players in the world. The putters are milled from the softest Mild Carbon steel and then finished in a triple black oxide treatment, providing an incredible amount of feel at impact.

Every putter will be custom built to your exact specifications to ensure your Bettinardi putter is the perfect putting instrument.

This new model is Bettinardi’s interpretation of a classic heel-shafted mallet. The profile of the Model 4 is a sleek pear shape that captures the perfect balance of style and function. The putter has a 3/4 shaft offset using a flared-tip shaft. The head weight is 345 grams and has a single sightline to aid in alignment. The Model 4 is finished in a luxurious triple black oxide finish and has our traditional Honeycomb face.


※custom builtモデルは、1本1本丁寧に作られている為、ヘッドの仕上がりぐあい・スペックが若干異なることがあります。

***** おかげさまで、≪SOLD OUT≫ 致しました。ありがとうございます。 *****

【 長 さ 】   34インチ (33インチ・35インチもご用意できます。)

【ヘッドウェイト】 345g

【 バランス 】  D2.5

【ロフト・ライ】  3° ・ 71°


【 価 格 】  ¥ 58,590 (税込)