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2010  ScottyCameron  ★  California ≪Sonoma≫

**** 2010  ScottyCameron  ★  California ≪Sonoma≫ ****

A compact wide-body with style for miles. Scotty's California line?like the great state itself?has something for everyone. Take, for instance, the Sonoma. Scotty incorporated his high-toe design aesthetics with a smoothed-out flange to create a putter with heel-and-toe weighting that becomes a "wide-body". Created with room for interchangeable sole weights for player-preferred length-to-weight configuration, this refined wide-body is a class act from heel to toe, face to flange. It’s a new shape for a new era, but firmly rooted in the classic design principles for which Scotty has become famous. High-grade stainless steel, precision milling, flawless style. It’s all there.

【 Specifications 】
Loft :   4°
Lie :  71°
Length :  33'' ・ 34''・ 35”
Headweight :  360g, 350g, 340g
Swingweight :  C9-D1, D2-D4, D6-D8
Head material :  Precision Milled 303 Stainless Steel
Offset :  Full Shaft

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【 価 格 】 ¥33,600(税込)