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2010  ScottyCameron  ★  California ≪Del Mar≫

**** 2010  ScottyCameron  ★  California ≪Del Mar≫ ****

A sophisticated beauty with inspired lines. There's just something about the Del Mar. Complex. Curvy. Classic. Scotty sculpted new heel-and-toe dimensions to accommodate the interchangeable sole weights, which allows for this small mallet's headweight to be perfectly matched to the desired shaft length. But the Del Mar's appeal runs much deeper than its on-board technology. Stare long enough at its perfectly proportionate outline and it'll make you a mallet player if you let it. The honey dipped finish reminds you of a golden sunny day draining putts. Or, maybe that was just your imagination? A truly dreamy shape for a timeless game.

【 Specifications 】
Loft :   4°
Lie :  71°
Length :  33''・ 34''・ 35”
Headweight :  360g, 350g, 340g
Swingweight :  C9-D1, D2-D4, D6-D8
Head material :  Precision Milled 303 Stainless Steel
Offset :  1/2 Shaft

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【 価 格 】 ¥33,600(税込)